Reduction of Ingredients

Reducing Ingredients Without a Loss of Taste

Lifestyles lacking in nutritional balance are a major cause of health issues around the world. Ajinomoto Group is helping to address such health issues by providing seasonings, enzymes, sweeteners, and processed foods with low-sugar, low-fat, and low-salt content.

Because simply using less seasoning to reduce sodium or sugar tends to result in a disappointing taste, using UMAMI- and KOKUMI®-rich ingredients and improving preparation methods can be effective in achieving sodium reduction while maintaining satisfaction.

Based on its UMAMI and KOKUMI® know-how and experience, the Ajinomoto Group will offer ideas and solutions for making use of wide range of original ingredients, to achieve the customer needs.

Some Examples of Our Consumer Products That Are Low in Sugar, Fat, and/or Salt

​World of Spices

Our Ingredient Reduction Solutions

Sodium Reduction

Achieve outstanding flavor and enhanced UMAMI/KOKUMI® characteristics while reducing the sodium levels in savory applications.

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Sugar Reduction

Deliver a clean, sweet taste while reducing calories, carbohydrates, added sugar and cost.

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Key Ingredient Reduction

Reduce the key raw materials for cost-down while maintaining taste and texture.

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Fat Reduction

Reduce fats in your products while improving the mouthfeel, flavor and texture.

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