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    What applications are included in the sweet goods category?

    The sweet goods sector is an area with a variety of products. You can find products such as pastries, cakes, biscuits, cookies, cereals, sweets, chocolates, spreads, jams, syrups and many more. The strength of Ajinomoto Foods Europe Solution and Ingredient is that we have a wide range of products to choose from, allowing you to find the ideal sweet ingredient for your end product and the category in which you are an expert. Ajinomoto Foods Europe Solution and Ingredient offers UMAMI products, enzyme preparations, KOKUMI ingredients, sweeteners and also amino acids.
    There are mainly 2 categories of products that can be effective in sweet products: Sweeteners (Advantame, Aminosweet® Aspartame or Ajisweet® stevia) and KOKUMI ingredients.

    What is a KOKUMI ingredient?

    KOKUMI technology is a technology that has been developed for years by Ajinomoto Co. for over 80 years. KOKUMI has 2 parts, “KOKU” is a Japanese word to describe the richness and complexity of the food and “MI” means taste in Japanese. KOKUMI is a universal experience that can be enjoyed on all products, even sweet products.
    The KOKUMI specialty affects the 5 basic tastes (sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami) as well as all tastes (spices, aromas, astringency and many others). KOKUMI improves the taste and flavours for a delicious product! Find out more about Ajinomoto’s KOKUMI ingredients for sweet goods application in our catalogue.

    What are the challenges for manufacturers in the sweet products sector?

    This sector is very broad with many different products which implies different needs. Sweet products are generally a pleasure for the consumer. However, consumers are increasingly health conscious and carefully select their product when purchasing. Health claims are becoming increasingly important and consumers are looking more closely at labels and especially at ingredient lists. The trend towards clean labelling, which emphasises the transparency of food products with regard to the ingredients used, is gaining momentum. The R&D teams are challenged daily by the trends. Ajinomoto Foods Europe Solution & Ingredient offers ingredients for sweet goods application. A team of experts is at your disposal to work together on solutions to find the best recipe and method of using our sweet ingredients to fit your manufacturing process.

    What solutions can Ajinomoto Foods Europe solution and ingredient provide to the sweet manufacturers?

    Tencho’s KOKUMI technology products are ideal ingredients for the sweet goods industry. Depending on your end-use application, we can offer you our successful Ajinomoto Brand Savorboost™ range in chocolate spreads or Sweet answer® MB which adds mouthfeel to Madeleines and improves the taste profile of reduced sugar chocolates. Find out more about these applications and other examples of ingredients in sweet goods application on our website.