Human values

We consider every employee as an individual who is entitled to have one’s own interests and motives. We never use generalities to take a decision concerning one specific person.
Safe and sane work
We believe nobody should suffer from work. We are deeply committed to the prevention of both somatic and psychological accidents and diseases. We continuously improve the environment of work.
We have many ambitions to meet and risks to manage. For this reason, we make sure every employee is clearly aware of what is expected from one’s job, while actively promoting collaborative work.
In order to favor responsibility, at every step of one’s career we train and coach our employees so they can be fully competent and autonomous on their activities.
Common vision
We ensure that all our employees understand our vision and direction, and how they can contribute to it both with their continuous activity and by participating to some projects.
Not only do we reject all kinds of discrimination, but we actually appreciate and promote the variety of cultures and past experiences among our employees.

Our core skills

food science
Food science

Our mission is to work in close relation with our customers to improve their recipes. This is the job of our team of food science experts.

The science of taste is the initial signature of the Ajinomoto group. Both our technical development team and our sales staff have extensive knowledge from historical concepts like umami to the finest recent ones like KOKUMI. In addition to theory, in our laboratory we work hand to hand with the R&D personnel of our customers to bring them solutions, performing cooking experiments that mimic their processes in top sanitary conditions. The science of texture has also become one expertise of our team. In these two domains we still plan to develop our capability in the close future, with applications going from meat, fish or dairy or their substitutes, to beverages, confectionary and much more.

Besides scientific expertise, the characteristics of our application development team members are the passion for the collaborative work and the open mind to imagine solutions that have not being designed yet. Not to forget they all share the love of delicious food.

Fermentation technology

The people in our factory have been operating fermentation of food amino acids for 60 years. They have also benefitted from the support of the Ajinomoto group from last 20 years. It’s hard to imagine all the know-how that has been accumulated during all this time and that has formed their expertise in both fermentation and downstream processes.

Fermentation expertise involves both the process and the facilities. Certainly, control of the chemical and physical parameters of the cultures is an essential requirement for repeated successful fermentation operations. Similar expertise is required for the quality of raw materials and the ways to sterilize them before using them in the cultures. In addition, the prevention of the introduction of outside microorganisms requires a perfect facility management, from design to maintenance and daily operations.

One could say that control of process, raw materials and equipment is a basic skill for all cooks, and that would be true for our factory indeed. In our case, because we target both consistent quality and cost effectiveness, we have risen these skills to specific high standards.

image expertise 03
Risk control

We know that our activities generate many risks, but it is precisely one of our greatest prides that we can control them.

Our customers’ primary expectation is that our products are absolutely safe, both for their employees and for the end-consumer. The same applies to the safety of the people who work in our facilities and those who live near our industrial site, as well as to the preservation of our environment. For all these ambitions, we implement a comprehensive analysis of the risks of our activity and continuously eliminate the most important ones. In addition, we carry out an additional assessment of the possible impacts of each change or each specific activity; from these analyzes preventive measures are derived. The knowledge of the good practices of our activities is very important to carry out these analyzes, as well as the follow-up of the evolutions of the laws and regulations, the respect of which being naturally also an undebatable objective.

This control is made possible by the combination of the skills of our specialists of these domains of ambition (Quality, safety …) and the skills of the people who operate the activity.

Meet our collaborators

Jean-Pierre CABON
MSG Line Manager
Head of the Analysis and Compliance and Analytical Development laboratory
Laurent Mulet
Supply Chain Director
Charles-Etienne LECLERC
Equipment Manager

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