bssp beneficies

Benefits of BS-SP

Fat reduction

By bringing umami and creaminess, BS-SP is a perfect solution to help reduce fat content of creamy products.

Key ingredient reduction

By boosting spices and hotness, BS-SP is a perfect solution to reduce the spice content of your final product.

Mouthfeel improvement

BS-SP brings roundness and creaminess to a wide range of products, improving overall mouthfeel of your recipes.

Spice booster

By boosting spices and hotness by 30%, BS-PS is a perfect solution to help formulating spicy recipes.

Taste improvement

By bringing umami and increasing strong tastes such as spices, BS-SP brings balance and roundness to every recipe.

Application variety

This product will bring umami notes to a wide range of savoury products. Main application are spicy meat products, creamy products such as spreadable cheese, soups and sauces.