savorboost f benefices


Taste improvement

Delivers a middle to lasting roundness of UMAMI and KOKUMIflavour to enhance overall impact and complexity.

Salt Reduction

Reduce the amount of sodium while maintaining the desired flavours for great impact.

Cost Effective

Achieve the flavours you desire at cost-effective, low-usage levels.

Minimal label impact

Could be labeled as ”yeast extract and yeast” or ”natural flavouring” for minimal impact on your labels (in accordance with Regulation EU 1334/2008).

Application Variety

This yeast extract can enhance a wide range of savoury snacks, sauces, meats, and soups. Main applications range is very wide, from bouillon to hazelnut chocolate spread and vegan meat analogue. For each, AJINOMOTO BRAND SAVORBOOST™ F will complete the taste profile and helps formulate products with impacting taste.