syg benefices

Benefits of ACTIVA® SYG

Cost savings

By using ACTIVA® SYG, costs of raw materials (proteins & fats) can be significantly reduced.

Application Variety

Applicable in a wide range of dairy products such as yogurt, drink-yogurt, fermented milks, natural and processed cheeses, and milk protein concentrate and cream powders.

Improved Texture

Works exceptionally in low-fat or non-fat dairy applications by enhancing textural (mechanical) properties, i. g. cheese slicing performance, and viscosity, i. g. water-binding capacity.

Replacement of Stabilizers

Depending on the formulation, it is possible to reduce or remove stabilizers.

Mouthfeel & Body

Builds an evident mouthfeel and smoothness in dairy applications.

Syneresis Control

Help reduce syneresis in yogurt or fresh cheeses

Fat reduction

By applying ACTIVA® SYG in low or no fat dairy-bases, the proteins is transformed to fat replacers due to enhancing theirs emulsifying properties.