How can our food additives help you?

Our flavor-enhancing food additive product line wouldn’t be complete without mentioning umami and kokumi. Umami, as known as AJI-NO-MOTO® MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE enhances the flavors and mouthfeel characteristics found in whole, unprocessed foods. It can improve the taste of a wide variety of processed foods. KOKUMI is known for adding complexity to taste, enhancing continuity, mouthfeel, and the overall richness of flavor. It can be described as the essence of taste that cannot be achieved using basic taste or aroma compounds. These food additives unlock the full potential of flavor by enhancing the natural tastes of ingredients.

Additionally, AFE SID offers a variety of food additives as texture modifiers, such as ACTIVA® FV, ACTIVA® H-JS1 EU, ACTIVA® WM, ACTIVA® YG and stabilizers, such as ACTIVA® SYG, ACTIVA® MP, ACTIVA® FEW, etc… These enable food manufacturers to attain the ideal consistency, whether it’s a creamy sauce, a succulent meat dish, or a delightful dessert. These food additives enhance the desired mouthfeel and consistency, guaranteeing that every bite is a pleasure.

In response to the increasing demand for clean label products, AFE SID has developed food additive products that deliver the same high-quality results without compromising on taste or consumer safety. These additives address the needs of health-conscious consumers while preserving the integrity of the final product. Some of the clean label products offered by AFE SID include AJINOMOTO BRAND SAVORBOOST™ K, SUPER UM EU, BS-TS, AJINOMOTO BRAND SAVORBOOST™ V, AJINOMOTO BRAND SAVORBOOST™ F and more.

Our commitment

AFE SID is also committed to delivering customized solutions to meet specific requirements with a variety of food additive solutions. Whether it involves creating a signature sauce, developing a new soft drink, or formulating a specialized ingredient for a food manufacturer, Ajinomoto’s experts collaborate closely with clients to bring their culinary visions to life.

In conclusion, AFE SID offers a range of food additives to meet the needs of various industries and applications. We provide technical support and expertise to assist customers in using our products, along with safety and quality assurance services to ensure compliance with regulations. By choosing AFE SID as your food additives supplier, you can trust in the quality of our products, our pricing, and our high level of customer service.