Taste Improvement

Boost the taste of both sweet and savory foods to make your products even more successful.

Taste Matters

Taste Matters.

The #1 most important factor in food selection by IFIC’s consumer survey “Consumer Attitudes toward Food Safety, and Nutrition” is taste with 87% of respondents marking it as impacting their food preference.

Leader in Taste Improvement

Ajinomoto has long been a leader in the arena of taste improvement. We provide a wide variety of products that enhance the flavor profiles in both the sweet and savory categories. You’ll get the results you need without sacrificing flavor.

Our taste improvement products have deep roots. It began over 100 years ago when Dr. Ikeda first identified the role of glutamic acid in delivering taste and the subsequent development of MSG. Since then, we’ve conducted continuous research in the science of delivering excellent taste, including being instrumental in the discovery of the “5th taste”: UMAMI. Since then we have also conducted research on other taste and flavor mechanisms. Making us experts in understanding what is needed to create a successful product. Ajinomoto has also been instrumental in understanding the concept of KOKUMI® and developing products that deliver the richness and complexity of KOKUMI® to our customers’ finished products.

Leader in Taste Improvement