Sodium Reduction

Achieve outstanding flavor and enhanced UMAMI/KOKUMI® characteristics while reducing the sodium levels in savory applications.


Global Impact

With the World Health Organization (WHO) encouraging a global 30% relative reduction in mean population intake of salt, more and more consumers are watching their salt intake by selecting brands with reduced sodium labels. Ajinomoto can help achieve a reduced sodium product without ever sacrificing the flavor that consumers still crave. Less salt doesn’t mean you have to have less flavor, and we are here to prove that with our portfolio of high-impact ingredients.

Enhance the Flavor

Ajinomoto’s ingredient portfolio includes a variety of ingredients that help maintain or enhance the flavor brought by sodium, while also contributing savory UMAMI and KOKUMI® characteristics to products if desired. The functionality of these ingredients while delivering crave-worthy taste is paramount by comparison and they have consistently been successful in delivering strong flavor to the marketplace.

Enhance the Flavor