advantame benefices

Benefits of ADVANTAME

Taste Enhancement

Utilize ADVANTAME in a variety of applications to enhance a wide range of flavours such as dairy, fruit, citrus and mint.

Cost Effective

ADVANTAME can be used with other high potency sweeteners to reduce cost and improve taste.

Application Variety

ADVANTAME has proven to contribute exceptional taste in confectionery applications with its clean taste and high potency.

Clean Sugar-Like Taste

The clean taste of ADVANTAME allows it to sweeten your foods and beverages without sacrificing the taste profile of the product.

Additional details about Advantame


US-FDA General Use Sweetener
Approved as a general use sweetener in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Japan, Israel, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia

FEMA GRAS (#4716) approved

• Non-Alcoholic Beverage (up to 1.5ppm)
• Frozen Dairy (up to 1.0ppm)
• Milk Products (up to 1.0 ppm)
• Chewing Gum (up to 50 ppm)

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