aspartame benefices


Cost Effective

Due to its sugar-like qualities, aspartame provides the same taste as sugar at a much lower cost.

Global Usage

AMINOSWEET® ASPARTAME is the most used sweetener globally due to its clean taste and excellent sweetening capability.

Highest Quality

Ajinomoto’s AMINOSWEET® ASPARTAME is of the highest quality and wonderfully sweetens in many applications.

Diabetic Friendly

Food and drinks sweetened with aspartame allow people with diabetes to enjoy the pleasure of sweet taste without the sugar. AMINOSWEET® ASPARTAME has no impact on insulin and blood glucose levels.

Clean Sugar-Like Taste

Due to its significantly similar taste profile to sugar, aspartame is an excellent sweetening solution. It is unique in that it can deliver sugar-like sweetness when used alone without complex taste-modification technology.

Naturally Digested & Metabolized

AMINOSWEET® ASPARTAME is the only alternative sweetener that is metabolized by the body the same way as all other food.

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