Training at our partner Barentz - Focus on new KOKUMI products

Last week, we completed our 3rd training session with our partner Barentz. After Eastern and Western Europe, we went to Warsaw in Poland to be at the heart of Northern Europe and the Baltics. Paced between presentations and tastings, we focused on KOKUMI technology and Ajinomoto's strengths.
copie pack SAMB

Ajinomoto first discovered KOKUMI technology in the 1960s, when it launched an innovative seasoning called “AJIMATE”, which reconstitutes the taste of meat. The word KOKUMI comes from two Japanese words: “KOKU”, meaning richness and complexity, and “MI”, meaning taste. This technology was later linked by our scientists to the CaSR (Calcium-sensing receptor) which, once activated, stimulates the other taste receptors around (Umami, Sweet, Flavors…).

We started with a range of products based on yeast extracts (Find out more about the SABORBOOST range), then extended our range with our Flavoring substances. BS-TS and BS-SP are our two spice booters. The first one boosts the initial profile during tasting. With its natural labelling, it improves the flavor of onions, garlic, peppers, mustard, and so on. The second has the characteristic of prolonging the aromatic profile over time. It’s also great for boosting umami notes, the same notes you can find by using MSG (Monosodium glutamate). SWEET ANSWER® MB is our product for increasing the mouthfeel, adding body and a perception of creaminess. In addition, it intensifies the product’s existing sweet taste and masks undesirable aftertastes. Finally, our last product category is specializing in vegan and vegetarian products and is called PLANT ANSWER™. The aim is to mask the green/bitter notes of vegetable proteins. Our PLANT ANSWER™ KM product will be officially launched at the end of 2023. Stay tuned for more information.

In its development, Ajinomoto has incorporated several notions relating to sustainable development and the well-being of society. This starts with the Ajinomoto Group’s corporate message, which is “Eat well, live well”. One of Ajinomoto’s share values (ASV) is to “reduce food loss and waste” and “contribute to solving food and health issues”. By launching the products mentioned above, we respond to these values. By working together, we can achieve our goals.