Nature Forum : Reducing salt in our diets

On the March 15th « Nature Forum : Reducing salt in our diets », was held in London, organized by Nature Conferences and in partnership with Ajinomoto Europe. This conference brought together scientists from associations or universities, journalists, and professionals from the market. The conference mainly focused on the evidence, challenges, and various solutions for excessive salt consumption in processed foods.
Nature Conference planning

Currently, the worldwide salt consumption in our diet averages 10.7g/day/adult, which are twice more the recommended amount. A target for a 30% reduction in intake by 2025 has been set. However, as of today, only nine countries in the EU adhere to these policies.

But why is excessive consumption dangerous ? Scientists estimate that more than 10 million people die annually worldwide due to excessive salt consumption, leading to high blood pressure and vascular disease, with poorer countries being the most affected.

Several studies have been conducted to find substitues for salt. For exemple, a study in China involved 21,000 people across 600 villages over 5 years. They replaced sodium chloride with potassium chloride (KCl), resulting in a significant decrease in salt consumption. Like umami taste, potassium chloride (KCl) could subtitute salt, as it offers a similar taste.

Unfortunatly, we are still in the early stages of this change. There are several barriers that need to be overcome. Scientists have highlighted keys points to help reduce salt in our diets, focusing on three pillars (politic, society, academia) :

  • Increasing engagement of government and industry to develop sustainable policies and products.
  • Raising awarness of the population, through programs and education
  • Considering the importance of cost, as salt is one of the cheapest raw materials
  • Change must be gradual, in order to optimize acceptation and adaptability among the population

With MSG and our KOKUMI technologie, Ajinomoto Foods Europe has been working for many decades on finding provinde solutions for decreasing the presence of salt in processed food while still garanteeing similar taste and deliciousness.

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