Celebrating 20 years of collaboration and success. On April 5th and 6th, 2024, Ajinomoto Foods Europe celebrated its 20th anniversary at the Mesnil-Saint-Nicaise site with two exceptional days dedicated to our partners and the families of our employees.
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April 5th : Partner Day

The first day was dedicated to our loyal partners. More than 120 people gathered for this unique occasion. They had the opportunity to rediscover the plant’s activities, review the current situation and vision for the coming years, and celebrate the work accomplished and the remarkable developments at the site.

Highlights :

  • Plant tour: Managed and conducted by 30 volunteers, this tour showcased the different sectors of the plant.
  • Showroom: Set up at the Nouvelle Scène de Nesle to share information and introduce the art of biotechnology.
  • Speeches: Delivered by our directors, followed by networking sessions to get to know each other better and strengthen business partnerships.
  • Product tasting: Featuring products from our French AFF plants, accompanied by a convivial buffet.

This celebration was a great success, highlighting the importance of our contractors, suppliers, and local players in our current success. Their dedication and ingenuity are essential for continuing to excel in our expertise and writing a story of success, innovation, and progress.

April 6th : Family Day

The next day, the families of our employees were honored. Nearly 600 people participated in this festive day, supervised by 70 volunteers from our team. It was a source of great pride for everyone, as indicated by our 2023 annual engagement survey, which showed that 90% of them are proud to work at Ajinomoto Foods Europe, Solutions & Ingredients.


  • Plant tour: Meticulously organized with departures every 10 minutes, allowing everyone to discover our site’s activities.
  • Informative panels and workshops: 20 panels set up at La Nouvelle Scène Nesle, accompanied by interactive workshops for hands-on learning, tasting, and video viewing.
  • Social moments: Strengthening internal bonds and attachment to the company.
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The Benefits of These Two Days

These two days of celebration brought numerous benefits to our company and community. They allowed us to:

  • Strengthen relationships by creating moments of sharing and exchange.
  • Highlight our work.
  • Promote engagement.
  • Look towards the future by sharing our vision and future strategies.

At Ajinomoto Foods Europe, we firmly believe that these moments of celebration and recognition are crucial for our growth and future successes. We are committed to continuing to innovate and collaborate with our partners to write a story of progress and success together.

Family Day was a great success, strengthening family and professional bonds. We thank all the volunteers, without whom we could not have conducted all these visits so successfully. Thank you all for your presence and continued support !