Winner of the French Innovation Corner

We are proud to announce that our product, PLANT ANSWER KM, emerged as the winner of the 'French Innovation Corner' competition in the 'Ingredients offering new sensory experiences' category, organized by Business France. We had the opportunity to participate as an exhibitor in the France pavilion at the largest international exhibition for food ingredients: Food Ingredients Europe 2023 (FiE), held in Frankfurt. This category rewards functional ingredients aimed at enhancing or diversifying the organoleptic qualities of products (taste, texture, aroma, color).
Frenc Innonvation corner equipe

PLANT ANSWER KM is a natural solution designed to mask the undesirable flavors of plant-based proteins, as well as the occasional bitterness that may be perceived. This product, riding the wave of the alternative plant-based products trend, can be a significant asset for all industries.

This innovation was developed through the KOKUMI technology, elaborated after many years of research. KOKUMI expresses the richness and complexity experienced in the mouth when tasting a product.

We sincerely thank Business France for this first prize, which provides us with visibility and considerable recognition for all the efforts and dedication of the Ajinomoto Foods Europe Solution & Ingredients team. We look forward to following the journey of this promising product !