How we use ACTIVA® WM in shawarma?

1 Brine preparation: Mix water (22%) with functional mix (3%), seasoning blend (2%) and ACTIVA® WM.
2 Tumble the meat (turkey legs) with the brine during 45 minutes at 20 Rpm.
3 Store the meat over night at 2°C-4°C.
4 Stick the shawarma with whole meat and off-cuts.
5 Grill the shawarma and slice it. After grilling, better binding with ACTIVA® WM.

Benefits of ACTIVA® WM

doner kebab

ACTIVA® WM increases the connectivity between whole meat pieces and off-cuts.


ACTIVA® WM improves the slice ability and allows to obtain long and thin slices during grilling.


ACTIVA® WM increases the stability and avoids fall out of raw pieces.


result shawarma ACTIVA WM