Application Development on Chocolate Spread

Our R&D laboratory in Le Thillay works every day to create new applications for our enzymes and our flavouring. With our new laboratory opended in 2023, and our team of experts, we can assure that our products offer real benefits for confectionery application, especially for items like chocolate spread. We are enable to offer a reduced sugar chocolate spread or to boost hazelnut flavor while ensuring deliciousness.
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Ajinomoto first discovered KOKUMI technology in the 1960s, when it launched an innovative seasoning called “AJIMATE”, which reconstitutes the taste of meat. The word KOKUMI comes from two Japanese words: “KOKU”, meaning richness and complexity, and “MI”, meaning taste. This technology was later linked by our scientists to the CaSR (Calcium-sensing receptor) which, once activated, stimulates the other taste receptors around (Umami, Sweet, Flavors…).

We started with a range of products based on yeast extracts (Find out more about the SABORBOOST range), then extended our range with our Flavouring substances. If our focus is on developing a chocolate spread application, we have two products that align and function seamlessly. Our team of experts has invested in a new process machine which enables the replication of production for cheese, surimi, and also for chocolate spread.

When developping the application, SavorboostTM K and Sweet Answer® MB emerged as the most revelant solutions.

SavorboostTM K, can give an overall taste improvement of the chocolate spread by providing creaminess and improving cacao and hazelnut notes. In terms of health, it contributes also to reduce the product’s fat content.

Sweet Answer® MB is an excellent solution for formulating healthier products. It enables the creation of reduced sugar chocolate spreads while ensuring deliciousness by provinding more mouthfeel and roundness.

Thank you to our expert team who work every day to develop new applications for our range of products !