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Evolving the world of taste

  • We established our position with “UMAMI”, being the first pioneer in the world to start selling UMAMI seasoning in 1909. 
  • Starting from UMAMI, we have extended our field to develop & reach the concept of “KOKUMI®”. We define KOKUMI® as a complexity of taste, which enhances continuity, mouthfulness and thickness/body of taste that cannot be delivered through the use of basic taste or aroma compounds.
  • Being the world’s leader in both UMAMI and KOKUMI® technologies is the core of our business. UMAMI and KOKUMI® are inseparable and essential when developing a desired taste, and we have evolved our solutions for the customers by putting clear focus on UMAMI and KOKUMI®.
  • With our broad portfolio of innovative ingredient solutions that span the savory and sweet categories, we’re able to solve all types of formulation challenges with our UMAMI and KOKUMI® technologies.

Spice of the World